Guide for Pet Adoption

There are thousands of pets in shelters waiting for a loving forever home. You can help these homeless pets by adoption. Letting a dog be part of your life is a major decision. Adoption will affect you and your family's life for many years. It will be a rewarding experience.  Before you adopt your pet, your future best friend, make sure you think about the basics to help make the best decisions. 

Where to Adopt

dog_adoptionA pet can be adopted from an animal shelter or a rescue group.  Zen was adopted through an animal shelter called Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS) in Louisiana. There are many animal shelters to choose from. The internet is a great way to find the closest location in your area. You can contact the location and find out whether there are certain days of the week you can spend time with the dogs and adopt the dog.     

It's sometimes best to find out more about the shelters before you visit. The purpose of the shelter is normally to be a non-profit orginization. The fee to adopt the pet may be up to approximately $250. If more than that, there is question why. Find out what the adoption fee includes (vaccines, spay/neuter, etc). Adults are normally spayed or neutered. The location should be well maintained and the dogs should be well cared for. Your usually able to able to tour the facility and talk to the workers to have a better feel of the location. If not, you may want to reconsider the location and try elsewhere.  Some organizations are irresponsible and operate an illegal business operation, but most of them are dedicated to the well being of the animal. If you are witness to abused animals, please contact your local authorities. Even though you may want to adopt to help the dog from the abuse, your also supporting the business to continue operation.            

What Type of Dog to Adopt?

dog_adoption_2It's possible to adopt purebred dogs from shelters and rescues if you plan ahead. If you have decided that you want a purebred, refer to the breed page to help decide which type of breed to get. Whether you choose to get a purebred or not, there are other factors to consider before making a decision. Such as age and size of the dog when fully grown. Whether there are heath issues. Some people are not able to give the attention needed to give better care to the dog. What level of activity does the dog have?  Having an idea of what kind of dog your looking for will help you decide which dog you are going to adopt when seeing all those cute puppy looking at you.   


Adoption Process

Once you have decided which dog to adopt you may be required to complete an application. The application will be reviewed to help avoid dogs ending up in the wrong hands.  Most people are approved almost immediately. Some organizations require a waiting period before your able to take the dog home. Sometimes there is a waiting list.  It's best to ask these questions in the beginning so that your not surprised at the end.  Find out what will be expected of you. Has the dog already been spayed or neutered or is that your responsibility?  Also find out whether there are requirements if your not able to keep the dog for unknown reasons.  Some contracts require the dog to be returned back the organization rather than allowing you to find another home. Its best to know these answers before filling out the application and signing the contract. 

Finishing the Adoption of Your Dog

Congrats! You have a new companion and another best friend. During the adoption, you might receive a packet that contains information on caring for a dog, but you still need the basics to feed and manage your new pet. Open the dog supply check list page for a good starter list.  When you get your dog, you want to find a veterinarian and bring your dog in for a wellness exam as soon as you can. 

Your dog at first may be a little scared.  The dog might be adjusting to the new environment of sounds, sights, and smells.  Remember that your dog may not be fully adapted to the new home immediately, but most always will given time.  If you already have other pets, you may need to separate the dog from the other pet at first. As the dog adjusts to the new home and surroundings, you can slowly work on training and preparing for long, adventurous life together.        

Listing of Shelters by State

Along the right is a listing of animal shelters able to be found by state. Each of the states have shelters by city. Also included is the contact information and possible website if available.

If you have a shelter and it is not listed, just contact us to have it included. If your shelter is listed and the shelters contact information has changed, please contact us so that the information can be kept up-to-date.

Hope that the site was able to be of some help to you in the adoption process. We hope that the puppy, dog, or other animal you were able to adopt becomes your new best friend and that you share your experience by contacting us. We would love to hear about it.


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