fang_harry_potterCharacter Name: Fang
Breed of Dog: Neapolitan Mastiff
Film: Harry Potter Films (2001 - Present )
Film Trivia: Fang plays the role of the loveable giant Hagrids pet dog. Fang is described in the film as a Boarhound, but in actual fact was played by 4 different Neapolitan Mastiffs.


hoochCharacter Name: Hooch
Breed of Dog: Dogue De Bordeaux
Film: Turner & Hooch (1989)
Film Trivia: Cop doggy comedy, Det Scott Turner played by Tom Hanks teams up with Hooch, the slobbering mischievous dog who could be the only one to help Turner solve a murder. Hooch played by Beasley the Dogue de Bordeaux. Film Tag line ~ The oddest couple ever unleashed!


totoCharacter Name: Toto
Breed of Dog: Cairn Terrier
Film: Wizard of Oz (1939)
Film Trivia: Toto was played by Terry the Cairn Terrier. Toto was referred to as a "he" in MGM's classic film, Toto was really a "she". Carl Spitz, Hollywood animal trainer received a salary of $125.00 per week for the use of the Terry in the film.


frankCharacter Name: Frank
Breed of Dog: Pug
Film: Men in Black (1997), Men In Black 2 (2002)
Film Trivia: Within the films, Frank has the appearance of a normal pug dog, but he is actually an extraterrestrial in disguise. Frank was played in both movies by a very well trained pug named "Mushu".


beethovenCharacter Name: Beethoven
Breed of Dog: Saint Bernard
Film: Beethoven (1992)
Film Trivia: A slobbering St Bernard dog becomes the center of attention for a loving family but its vet secretly wants to kill him. Film Tag line ~ He'll grow on You! Beethoven is very mischievous, antics include: Drinks out of the fishbowl, Urinates in George's Briefcase, Eats Thanksgiving turkey from table, and many more.


eddieCharacter Name: Eddie
Breed of Dog: Jack Russell Terrier
TV Show: Frasier
TV Trivia: Eddie is Martin's dog, a large Jack Russell Terrier. Eddie was played by two dogs: first Moose, and then Moose's son Enzo, who first appeared as a stunt double. Eddie is known for responding to Martin and Daphne with human-like understanding, but often seems to taunt Frasier.


nunzioCharacter Name: Nunzio (1997-2002)
Breed of Dog: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
TV Show: Dharma & Greg
TV Trivia: Nunzio is Stinky's dog, a Welsh Corgi, a gift from Dharma on Stinky's Bar Mitzvah. Nunzio was played by many different Corgi's throughout the show. Bud 1997–1998, Butch 1998–1999, Twiggy 2000–2001.




dukeCharacter Name: Duke (1960s)
Breed of Dog: Bloodhound
TV Show: The Beverly Hillbillies
TV Trivia: The Beverly Hillbillies was an show about a hillbilly family living in Southern California. In the series, Jed Clampett strikes oil while hunting on his land. He then moves with his family to Beverly Hills, California, with the resultant wealth. Stretch played Jed's bloodhound Duke.


Bella StarletName: Bella Starlet
Breed of Dog: Cross Breed of Chihuahua, Labrador, Nova Scotia Retriever, Shih Tzu and Pomeranian.
Trivia: Bella is a Professional Dog Actress and Model, who has not only brought smiles to peoples faces with those adorable looks, she also raises money for animal charities and has her very own dog talent company. Bella has starred in numerous US TV shows, commercials, films, and modeled for various magazines. Bella is a very talented and well loved pooch! Owned by: Beth Joy Knutsen "When I adopted Bella in 1998, we rescued each other. We are soul-mates. She is my muse/mentor in happiness, unconditional love, creativity and charity. She is unique, intelligent, funny, and talented. She does commercials and cute tricks. I believe it is fate that we are together. Her beauty, outside and in, is enchanting. We do everything together. We even share the same eye color. Her image is tattooed on my leg forever. By enjoying everyday with my peppy puppy, she shows me how lucky I truly am, reminding me that age is just a number and that bliss equals youth."


shepName: Shep (1971-1987)
Breed of Dog: Border Collie
TV Show: Blue Peter
TV Trivia: Shep was a one of the most memorable Blue Peter dogs. Remembered by TV viewers as inseparable from John Noakes who would say "Get Down Shep!!" Like all Blue Peter pets, Shep was owned by the BBC, but when John left the program in June 1978 the BBC realized the pair were inseparable and let him keep the Border Collie.


rolyCharacter Name: Roly (1985 - 1993)
Breed of Dog: Poodle
TV Show: Eastenders
TV Trivia: Roly the poodle was in EastEnders right from the start. Roly was the faithful friend of publican Den Watts. Roly was then handed over to Pat and Frank, but ended up back with Sharon. He remained at the Vic until his untimely death in 1993.



wellardCharacter Name: Wellard (1994 ~ Present)
Breed of Dog: Tervueren Belgian Shepherd Dog
TV Show: Eastenders
TV Trivia: Arrived on the show back in 1994, played by a dog named Kyte. Robbie Jackson rescued Wellard from someone who wasn't treating him well. The loyal dog paid his master back many times over. Since Robbie left the Square, Gus has looked after him. Wellard fathered Frieda the greyhound's puppies. Frieda was Grant and Nigel's dog.


blairCharacter Name: Blair
Breed of Dog: Canine
Film Trivia: In 1905, Blair was the first canine movie star and was featured in "Rescued by Rover". Blair was a Collie owned by the movies director and an actor in the movie, Cecil Hepworth. It was a British film where a baby is kidnapped by an old beggar woman, but the faithful family dog Rover comes to its rescue. The name Rover, uncommon until then, became popular.


lassieCharacter Name: Lassie
Breed of Dog:  collie
TV Show: Lassie
TV Trivia: Lassie is undoubtedly the world's most famous dog and is a character who has starred in many movies, TV shows, and books over the years. Lassie was created by Eric Knight and published as a short story in the Saturday Evening Post in 1938 and as a novel in 1940.  All of the "Lassie's" were male  collies and all the official Lassies are descendents of the original Lassie.


rin tin tinCharacter Name: Rin Tin Tin
Breed of Dog: Canine
Films: Where The North Begins
Film Trivia:  The nation’s first canine movie star. Born in Germany, he was rescued from the trenches as a puppy and brought to the United States by Lee Duncan, an American pilot in World War I, who was also his trainer. First appearing in “Where The North Begins” in 1925, Rin Tin Tin went on to make 25 movies, sign his own contracts with a paw print, and at the height of his success was his studio’s major wage earner, earning approx. 5 Million Dollars.


mooseCharacter Name: Moose
Breed of Dog:  Jack Russell Terrier
TV Films:
TV Trivia:  Moose, a Jack Russell Terrier, portrays Eddie in the hit comedy series FRASIER. Eddie is Martin's faithful companion and partner in crime. Having graced the covers of such notable publications as Life, TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, as well as joining the ranks of Cindy Crawford and Kathy Ireland with his own calendar.



Spuds MacKenzieCharacter Name: Spuds Mackenzie
Breed of Dog:  Canine
Films: Where The North Begins
Film Trivia: The original party animal, he made his debut in a Bud Light beer commercial during the Super Bowl in 1987. Spuds, who was also a senior party consultant for the Anheuser-Busch Company, had a black circle around one eye. He became a hit almost overnight. Spuds was water skiing, skateboarding, lounging by a pool with beautiful women or something else equally glamorous. His likeness appeared on T-shirts, sweaters, mugs, posters and stuffed animals, outdoing other popular characters of the time, including ALF and Max Headroom.




Ch. Bolero Dolce SinfoniaCharacter Name: Ch. Bolero Dolce Sinfonia
Breed of Dog:
Advertisement: Eukanuba dog food
Advertisement Trivia: He is not only a great top winner and champion, but he is definitely a Star. Of all the show dogs in the world, he was the one recently used by Eukanuba dog food, filming in Hollywood for one or more of their advertisements (Saatche & Saatche of New York). He is the model used by some dog fashion companies, and is going to be seen in posters and more advertising programs by Eukanuba and others.


Benji and Sabrina ParisiCharacter Name: Benji and Sabrina Parisi
Breed of Dog:  
Films: Benji: Off the Leash
Film Trivia: Benji and Sabrina Parisi at the Genesis Awards 2005 in Beverly Hills. Benji (actually a SHE) is the adorable and smart actor in the movie "Benji: Off the Leash" by Mulberry Square Productions.




skippyCharacter Name: Skippy
Breed of Dog:
Films: The Thin Man
Film Trivia: A wire-hair terrier, Skippy starred in the first four "The Thin Man" series and well known movies in the 1930's like "Topper Takes a Trip" as Mr. Atlas, "Bringing Up Baby" as George, and "The Awful Truth" as Mr. Smith.



peteyCharacter Name: Petey
Breed of Dog: Pit Bull Terrier
TV Show: The Little Rascals
TV Trivia: He was a white American Pit Bull Terrier with a ring around one eye, and played alongside a lovable bunch of kids called 'The Little Rascals' in the Our Gang Television Series. The American Staffordshire Terrier is an AKC registered breed, while the APBT is not. The ring around Petey's eye was actually drawn on, which is why it changed from one side to the next between seasons of the TV show.


onionCharacter Name: Onion
Breed of Dog:
Film Trivia: Onion is a miniature bull terrier that's only two years old. She's in the new Ewan McGregor movie called 'Scenes of a Sexual Nature', due out November 2006, was also in a pop promo for the Norwegian band A-ha!, and earned a Gold Good Citizen Award. She is immortalized in a painting, she's the subject of a range of line drawings, and has even been sculpted.



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