zack Sly Chan Ginger

I'm Zack. I like treats and to be brushed all the time. Mom and Dad take me for long walks. I watch all the other dogs and want to play with them.

I was named Sammie, short for Samurai because I'm completely black and my mom couldn't remember the word Nija. Being black it is fun to hide around corners and under cuchions and springing out at people in supprise - especialy at night when they can't see me. Sometimes people think it's cute and funny but not when they run into something.

I'm Chan. I love big bones and female dogs. I think I'm super hyper. Unless I have a bone I can't stop barking. But Mom loves me anyways.

I am a Cockapoo named Ginger, born on April Fool’s Day 1996. My best friend is Zen. I am the best pet anyone could ask for. Never sick, always gentle, get along with all dogs and people, and I am very loving and sweet. I love to eat snacks, all though I am a vegetarian now due to allergies. I love to go for rides.

Fred China

My name is Sly.


My name is fred. I like to sleep and eat alot. Females are attracted to me.

I'm China, Queen of the house! No one gets in my way, in my food or where I lay! I was always the first one to jump over the chain link fence, out of the yard, and greet my mom when she got home from work. My favorite place to sleep was on moms sofest lap blanket. It matched my beautiful colors as you can see. I just had to be careful not to get sat on.


Duchess is the oldest of three dogs that reside in the house. She thinks she is the boss. She is a lazy puppy that hates getting up in the mornings and will stay in bed as long as she can. She likes TY bones cause they are durable and lasts about 3-6 months. Currently she plays with the Kong Wubba toy which so far has been pretty durable. She is a very loving protective dog.

Malee Malee Chewbacca Chewbacca

My name is Malee; that means pretty flower. Next to me is my brother Charlee, his name doesn't mean anything but he's an okay guy. These are our baby pictures when we were only 4 months old and being adopted from the cat pound. We were very lucky to be adopted by a couple that loves and adores cats. If they didn't then we would always be in trouble for knocking things over, chewing through cords, and running across them in the middle of the night when we are playing...

...We have fun chasing each other through the house and all over the cat tree, eating the houseplants, and climbing to the vaulted ceiling as high as we can go. We aren't allowed outside because of raccoons and coyotes but we keep trying. It's really fun playing hide and seek when we sneak out the door (which isn't very often). My Mom and Dad don't find it as much fun as I do for some reason.

Chewbacca is such a sweet dog. He is 8 years old and loves going for walks and snuggling in anything left on the floor like a t-shirt, child's car seat, blanket, suit case, sofa pillow, you name it. Unfortunately, he is almost blind so he is not very good at playing fetch, although he does try. He loves Christmas and Easter. He eagerly waits to see what Santa and the Easter Bunny leaves for him. He actually gets his feelings hurt at our children's birthday parties when they open their presents and there's nothing for him...  

...We'll find Chewbacca moping in his bed.  He looks forward to showing off his new hair cut when he goes to the groomers and, I kid you not, he likes to pose for pictures under the Christmas tree. Unprompted, he'll find the perfect spot, sit under the tree and look toward us until we take a picture. As soon as we take a picture he gets up and goes on his merry way. Chewy is so patient with my 2 young children. He never gets angry with them no matter what they do to him. We are so lucky to have Chewbacca as a member of our family.

Timmy Prater

My name is Timmy. My Mom plays fetch with me and walks me all the time. I love kids. I am a good listener, tidy eater, and a good traveler. I have a favorite pink sandle that I enjoy chewing on. I want to visit Malta and France some day to see where my relatives are from and see one of my girlfriends from the Dog Park who has asked me to join her in Cabbo while she is doing Missionary work...

Timmy is in his Ski Bum outfit, making a fashion statement since he is ready for the slopes. Contact his agent if you need a model.

Our names are Vivian, Rambo, and Daisy.

We are Taz and Gracie.

I'm Millie.

My name is Millie and here is my toy.

Hello, I'm Maxwell.

Waiting on parents.

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